Singh Management Privacy Policy

What Information Do You Gather About Me?

We respect your privacy and are committed to treating information about you responsibly. We understand the need to safeguard sensitive information that you have provided and appreciate that you expect privacy and security for your personal and financial affairs. We will attempt to minimize the information we collect to that which we reasonably believe is necessary in providing housing, residences, products, services and other opportunities that may be of interest to you.

We may collect and store anonymous information about your visit to in order to measure site activity and improve site features. This information does not personally identify you in any way. We may use cookies, small text files that reside on your computer, to provide you with a more customized site experience. You may accept or decline cookies.

Sharing Your Personal Information

Personal and financial data that you submit to us is segregated and used solely for the purposes of providing the services or products that are described on the web site. Only those employees who need to know information about you to provide products or services to you will have access to that information. Personal and financial data will not be disclosed by us, except as described in the following paragraphs.

When you submit a residency application, you should know that as part of processing your application we collect personal and financial information about you from your applications or other related forms and from consumer reporting agencies. We recognize the sensitivity of the above information and, as such, will not share your personal and financial information except as permitted by you, or as necessary to complete the transaction for which you have applied. We may also share personal and financial information about you (as described above) with either affiliates or non-affiliates as otherwise permitted by law. Such instances could include (but are not limited to) reports filed with certain government agencies or documents produced in response to a court order or subpoena.

After you are no longer an active customer, we will continue to treat information you have provided as if you were still a customer.

This Privacy Policy applies only to individual consumers. This Privacy Policy is effective as of May 1, 2009.

If you have any questions or comments regarding this Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact us at 248-856-1600.