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9 Items You Should Have to Organize Your Apartment Bathroom


With so many items being used in it at all hours of the day, your apartment bathroom can go from tidy to chaotic in no time. A variety of items are available to help you organize your apartment bathroom, however, and most of them are fairly inexpensive and easy to get.

Here are 9 items that will make your morning and evening routines easier.

Basic Household Items that can Help You Organize your Apartment Bathroom

1. Under-sink organizer: If you’re like us, you most likely have everything but the kitchen sink under your bathroom sink. Cleaning products, toilet paper, cosmetics, soap, shampoo, you name it. They’re all in there. An under-sink organizer features trays and compartments where you can store many of these products neatly. 

2. Shower caddy: Choose a sturdy shower caddy that has adequate space for storage of upright containers of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, as well as lotion, shaving products, sponges, and bars of soap.

3. Toilet paper storage containers: Toilet paper storage containers are available in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes. Choose one that matches the design of your bathroom. It can help you not only organize those rolls of toilet paper, but help to ensure that you never run out.

4. In-drawer cosmetic trays or general dividers:  Explore what you have in your bathroom drawers, and decide if anything is more ideal somewhere else. Move those things elsewhere, and then think about the best ways to set up compartments for the remaining items. A compartment for a comb, for example, may need to be long and narrow, whereas a compartment for powder blush can be small and square. 

If you are especially handy, you can set up your own compartments using lightweight, removable material, such as plywood. If you’re not, you can purchase ready-made in-drawer organizers and then separate your products into them accordingly.

5. Wall shelves: If your local apartment community allows you to install shelves, consider investing in or making beautiful shelves where you can store a variety of items, such as a handheld mirror or jewelry that you wear daily.

6. Door hangers: Individual hooks on the back of the door or an over-the-door hanger is perfect for the storage of bath towels that are regularly used. 

7. Cart: Place a cart against an empty wall to use for additional towels, cleaning products, or other items that do not have their own specific spaces. Just make sure you keep the cart clean, organized, and attractive. 

8. Narrow cabinet with shelves or pull-out drawers: Another option is a simple, lightweight, narrow cabinet that can slide between the toilet and the sink or that can be set up in another small space in your bathroom. You can use each drawer for miscellaneous products.

9. Baskets: Purchase high-quality baskets in a variety of sizes, and use them as needed throughout your bathroom, such as on the shelves that you installed or on the cart. For example, use one to store hair care products, another for soaps, another for washcloths, and so on. If you make sure the baskets are attractive, they can complement the design of your bathroom.

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As you are working to organize your apartment bathroom, review your apartment lease documents. Most of the above suggestions require little to no changes to the furnishings or structure of the bathroom, but review your lease to see what you can and cannot do, just in case.

If you live in one of our apartments in metro Detroit and have questions, contact us through our website or talk with our team at your local apartment community.