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Doughnuts to Dancing: Local Cider Mills You Will Love

Heading out to the cider mills, apple orchards, and pumpkin patches is one of the best pastimes during the fall season, and if you live in southeast Michigan, there no shortage of local cider mills for you to visit.

Common staples at many of these locations include fresh produce stands, freshly squeezed apple cider, and unique baked goods such as doughnuts made on site, as well as the ability to pick your own fruits or vegetables and enjoy live entertainment during special events. Other highlights might include play features for children, hayrides, petting zoos, Halloween-themed events, and stores that sell fall-themed home decor, homemade jams, and other items.

Here are some of our favorites, located only a few minutes away from our apartment communities in Wayne County and Oakland County, as well some of the most popular ones a bit farther out that you are sure to find well worth the drive.

Local Cider Mills You Can Visit Time and Time Again

Parmenter’s Northville Cider Mill, 714 E. Baseline Road in Northville: You can step into this cider mill, which is a favorite among Northville area residents, for fresh drinks, doughnuts, cinnamon almonds, and many other tasty treats. They also have a winery, as well as live entertainment during special events.

Three Cedars Farm, 7897 Six Mile Road in Northville: This large farm includes a cider and doughnut hut with picnic tables, a country store, a corn maze, hayrides, U-Pick pumpkins, and bonfire sites that you can rent.

Yates Cider Mill, 1990 E. Avon Road in Rochester Hills: One of the largest and most well-known local cider mills, Yates has a history that dates all the way back to 1863! It is a Michigan landmark and registered historic site. In addition to the cider mill, where fresh cider has been made since 1876, Yates includes a fudge and ice cream shop, an apple tent, hot dogs, and refreshments, as well as pony rides, a petting zoo, and a river walk.

Franklin Cider Mill, 7450 Franklin Road in Bloomfield Hills: Featuring a classic barn-style design, the Franklin Cider Mill prides itself on the quality of its cider and its secret recipe for one-of-a-kind doughnuts.

Rochester Cider Mill, 5125 N. Rochester Road in Rochester: A unique feature of this location is a hay-climbing pyramid, which makes for the perfect backdrop for memorable photos. The Rochester Cider Mill also includes a petting zoo and the traditional drinks, produce, and baked goods for sale.

Plymouth Orchards & Cider Mill, 10685 Warren Road in Plymouth: Plymouth Orchards features wagon rides, farm animals, pumpkins, live entertainment, freshly made pies, cider, organic products, and more.

Other Southeast Michigan Favorites

● Apple Charlie’s, 38035 S. Huron Road in New Boston (Huron Township): A classic if you grew up in metro Detroit, you can pick your own apples, select your pumpkins and gourds for the season, enjoy a fresh doughnut, see the farm animals, and maybe even listen to live music at Apple Charlie’s.

Blake’s Orchard & Cider Mill, 17985 Armada Center Road in Armada: While seemingly off the beaten path, this cider mill is packed full of people of all ages, and cars line the road just to enter the parking lot for most of the season. It’s an all-day excursion, complete with entertainment for children, haunted attractions, crafts, a pumpkin patch, produce, baked goods, foods, refreshments, and so much more. In fact, Blake’s Farms has multiple locations all within the same general area, with each featuring its own products and entertainment. By the way, ever hear of Blake’s Hard Cider? This is its home! The tasting bar and restaurant has been voted among the best bars in America.

Hy’s Cider Mill, 6350 37 Mile Road in Romeo: A quaint and inviting location in small-town Bruce Township, Hy’s has been open since 1973. Here, you can pick your own apples and buy fresh cider from the on-site store.

● Westview Orchards & Winery, 65075 Van Dyke in Washington Township: Founded in 1813, Westview not only features U-Pick apples, but also a wide variety of fresh vegetables that you can pick as well. It also includes a farm market with a bakery and fall-themed decorations for sale.

Verellen Orchards & Cider Mill, 63260 Van Dyke in Washington Township: It’s all about the fresh fruits and vegetables here, but it’s still a local favorite. Turn your apple orchard excursion into an afternoon outing by visiting Hy’s, Verellen, and Westview all in one trip.