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Growing an Herb Garden in an Apartment


How to Grow an Herb Garden in an Apartment


One large pot or several small pots, soil, the plant, water, and a sunny spot: That’s essentially all you need to grow an herb garden in an apartment. (Note: Some herbs are not compatible with each other. Investigate their compatibility or stay on the safe side by using separate pots.)

When you fill the pot with soil, stop about three inches from the top.

If you want the plant to thrive indoors, you can place it on a window sill or shelf inside your apartment. Natural light is critical to the plant’s health. The kitchen would be the ideal place, providing you with easy access to the plants as you are cooking.  

Water the herbs when they feel dry to the touch, and do so during the day, not at night. Allowing water to sit in the soil could cause the roots to rot, so it is essential to choose a pot that allows water to drain. Place a drain pan, saucer, or similar item underneath the pot to capture the water.

If your apartment has a beautiful balcony like many of our Singh apartments do, you can grow an herb garden outdoors as well. That way, the plants will serve as outdoor decor, which likely will make your neighbors happy. Don’t be surprised when they start doing the same, ultimately beautifying the entire community.


Best Types of Herbs to Grow in an Apartment


1. Chives

● Common recipes: Potatoes, fish, bread, salads, and eggs

(Try this example: Potato, Cheddar, and Chive Soup)

● Household uses: Pest repellent

Possible health benefits: Improves heart health, mineral density in bones, and the immune system; treats digestive issues; may help to prevent certain types of cancers


2. Mint

● Common recipes: Couscous, salads, salad dressing, cold beverages, ice cream

(Try this example: Pearl Couscous Salad with Mint and Pecans)

● Household uses: Repels insects, freshens the home 

● Possible health benefits: Freshens and soothes skin; relieves upset stomach; treats asthma; reduces depression and fatigue; aids in weight loss


3. Parsley

● Common recipes: Frittata, quiche, chimichurri sauce, salsa, steak, salads

(Try this tabbouleh salad recipe.)

● Household uses: Garnish

● Possible health benefits: Cleanses the kidneys; relieves arthritis pain and chapped skin; eliminates bad breath; anti-inflammation; protects against allergies; aids in breast feeding; prevents diabetes and hypothyroidism; stimulates hair growth


4. Basil

● Common recipes: Pesto, pasta sauce, soups, pizza, marinades

(Try this pizza with pesto recipe.)

● Household: Insect repellent, beautifies the home

● Possible health benefits: Relieves headache and nausea, treats acne


5. Thyme

● Common recipes: Seafood, baked chicken, stews, rice

(Try this example: Spiced Indian Thyme Rice)

● Household: Antiseptic, disinfectant

● Possible health benefits: Treats respiratory and throat ailments (the common cold and coughs), cleans hair and skin 


6. Oregano

● Common recipes: Wild rice; pizza and pasta sauce; chicken; marinades and oils

(Try this chicken with oregano and basil recipe.)

● Household: Insect repellent, antiseptic, disinfectant

● Possible health benefits: Aids in digestion; fights bad breath, bacteria, viruses, allergies, and inflammation; relieves pain; treats fungus; controls arthritis and skin ailments in pets (especially as used in oregano essential oil)


7. Rosemary

● Common recipes: Pork, poultry, potatoes, lamb, vegetables

(Try this example: Roast Lamb with Rosemary and Garlic)

● Household: Potpourri, home decor, substitute for dryer sheets 

● Health benefits: Boosts memory and immunity, relieves stress, stimulates blood flow


8. Sage

● Common recipes: Duck and other fatty meats, butter, stuffing

(Try this classic sage and sausage stuffing recipe.)

● Household: Bath salt, darken gray hair, household cleaner, antiseptic

● Possible health benefits: Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergenic, and improves memory, asthma symptoms, and throat infections


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