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Home Office in Your Apartment

Home Office in Your Apartment: Creating the Ideal Workspace

The number of people who work from home has steadily increased since the turn of the century. Today, more than 5 percent of all employees work remotely for at least part of the week. If you have a job that provides you with this option, creating a home office in your apartment may be ideal.  With the right strategy, design, and tools, you can create a workspace that is both functional and beautiful.

Space for a Home Office in Your Apartment

The first step is to find the space for the workstation. Look around your apartment, and you will undoubtedly find many areas that you can use.

  • A wall-mounted desk can work wonders. You can place the desk virtually anywhere in your apartment, such as an unused nook. As long as it’s of an ergonomically ideal height and has space underneath for a comfortable chair, you will essentially have all the furniture you need. Place it in a bedroom, den, living room, dining room, or even a hallway.
  • If you don’t think you have space for a home office in your apartment, look at your walls. You probably have plenty of bare wall space that can be used for shelving; the bottom shelf could serve as a desk where you can place your laptop and other equipment. If you need additional space, add shelves above the desk. You may also consider a Sawyer leaning desk, which allows for vertical storage and space for a chair.
  • Attach a sliding laptop shelf under a cabinet or kitchen table, which is especially ideal if you don’t work from home on a regular basis. When you’re done working, pack up and slide the shelf back under the countertop.
  • The corners of your apartment are often unused, but placing a corner shelf in the space is a smart way to take advantage of the area. Depending on where it is, you may also benefit by having a quiet space to work.

Decorate the Apartment Space for Success

A key to being successful while working from home is to create a space that you find enjoyable and comforting. At the same time, it should allow you to focus and keep out distractions. Here are four additional tips for creating an optimal workspace in your apartment.

1. Place the desk beside a window, allowing you to enjoy the view outdoors as you’re working.

2. Add small, fresh indoor plants at the edge of your desk or on one of the shelves, particularly if you have a vertical leaning desk. In addition to freshening up the air, studies show that indoor plants improve concentration and productivity, reduce stress levels, and boost your mood.

3. Place an area rug in the space. It will separate the home office from the rest of the apartment, so once you’re in it, you’re there to get the job done. It will also keep you from overworking; once you step out of the area, you can consider your work time over for the time being.

4. Invest in a comfortable, ergonomically sound chair, as you’re going to be in it for many hours every week. However, you can also have fun with the color and style of the furniture. Consider giving the home office space its own vibe to keep it distinct from the rest of the apartment.