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Hosting a Friendsgiving in Your Apartment

Hosting a Friendsgiving in Your Apartment

With a holiday as wonderful as Thanksgiving, why would you want it to last one day? Hosting a Friendsgiving in your apartment is one way to make the holiday last all week long. Plan your Friendsgiving for the days prior to or after Thanksgiving Day, or you can make it your main Thanksgiving Day celebration.

Whichever day or format you choose, just remember to make your Friendsgiving simple, unique, warm, and entertaining.

Tips for Hosting a Friendsgiving in Your Apartment 

1. You don’t have to have the whole turkey.

A whole turkey is a challenge to cook even with the best culinary skills. So why hassle? You’d much rather enjoy the Friendsgiving party with your guests, after all, so consider these options.

  • If your Friendsgiving is on Thanksgiving Day, order your meal from a local deli a few days ahead of time. You can pick it up a few hours before your Friendsgiving dinner, and all you will need to do is set the table. If your gathering is small enough, a turkey breast alone may be good enough as the main course.
  • Plan your party for the day after Thanksgiving or the following Saturday, and use leftovers from the Thanksgiving Day meal to make turkey wraps, soup, a breakfast casserole, or a main course salad with turkey as the protein.
  • Skip the turkey altogether and opt for a refreshing, light meal with fruits and vegetables to balance out the heavier foods you had or will have on Thanksgiving Day.

2. It doesn't have to be just the basic dinner.

Think outside the box. You can make your party whatever you want it to be.

  • Organize a Thanksgiving Eve get-together with finger foods and drinks.
  • Prepare ahead of time for a Thanksgiving-themed breakfast that you will all enjoy prior to venturing out for Black Friday shopping.
  • Hold a fun holiday tree-trimming luncheon on the following Saturday.
  • Host a Friendsgiving brunch the Sunday after Thanksgiving Day.
  • Plan a Friendsgiving football bash.
  • Just for kicks, forget the fall and create a tropical-themed Friendsgiving.

3. Turn it into a party.

Your Friendsgiving isn’t only about the meal. Turn it into a memorable event that your friends will want to attend every year.

  • Turn on the music as you’re preparing the meal.
  • Play adult party games like Heads Up! and Scene It.
  • Hold a poker tournament.
  • Relax and watch your favorite holiday movie after dinner.

4. Make it casual and easy.

If you want to set up an elegant dinner table, that’s great. Just remember to set the table with Thanksgiving-themed silverware, dishes, and centerpieces.

But you have another option: Save the hard work for the big day. The beauty of hosting a Friendsgiving in your apartment is that it can be laid back and stress-free.

  • Opt for Thanksgiving-themed paper plates and disposable silverware to eliminate the fuss of clean-up.
  • Make it a potluck, where your friends can bring foods and drinks.
  • Turn it into an open house, so your friends can come and go as they please.

5. Give your Friendsgiving personality.

Make sure your get-together still has a warm Thanksgiving theme.

  • Decorate your apartment with fall-themed embellishments.
  • Fire up the fireplace to complement the ambiance.
  • Have each person share what he or she is thankful for.
  • Offer small Friendsgiving gifts to your guests, such as mini bags of chocolates, trinkets, or lotions.

6. Prepare your apartment.

Take the time to get your apartment ready for your Friendsgiving event.

  • Move unnecessary furniture out of the way to create additional space.
  • Have bean bags, pillows, and blankets available in case your guests want to make themselves comfortable on your couches or floor after the meal.
  • Make room in your coat closet for guests’ belongings, or otherwise reserve a spot for coats and purses that is out of the way.
  • Rent or borrow chairs and tables if necessary, especially if you’re planning a more elegant event.
  • Shop for all the supplies you need several days before the event.

Have a Great Friendsgiving with Singh

Our Singh apartments in Canton, Novi, West Bloomfield, Auburn Hills, Commerce Township, Northville, and Rochester Hills feature all the amenities you need for a fantastic Friendsgiving.

With generous storage space and large bedrooms for overnight guests, as well as fireplaces, gourmet kitchens, and attached garages at many of our communities, hosting a Friendsgiving in your apartment will be easier and more delightful than you know.