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How to Freshen Your Spring Apartment

The cherry blossoms are in bloom, the tulips are opening – spring is here even if the temperatures are still in flux.

Indoors, it’s time to lighten and brighten up your apartment to represent our more cheerful, active, lively moods! Changing your apartment décor – with easy to switch up seasonal ideas — is invigorating.


Let’s begin with the floors

Thick, heavy rugs that are warm for winter just look too heavy in spring and summer. If you have storage space, roll up your winter rug and swap it out for a colorful, patterned Bohemian style rug or contemporary floral print. If you don’t have extra storage space, layering rugs are a fabulous trend for modern styles.

A common way to layer, is to begin with a large and simple jute or sisal rug like this pictured here from Rugs and More. Place the smaller spring patterned rug on top. Consider rugs in the same tonality for cohesive look. Layered rugs will make a room look completely unique. Don’t forget a rug pad to prevent them from sliding on wood or tile floors. Martha Stewart gives more ideas on rug layering, one of her favorite decor ideas.

From there you want to move on to lighting. You can swap out a few neutral lamps for ones with seasonal colors or patterns. Or, just change the neutral shades for ones with zesty citrus colors. Adding a fabulous natural element, such as a real wood-based lamp, will give your home a Zen approach with a contemporary warm feel.

If you don’t want to remove any lamps, just add more -like the pink one here. More lamps mean even more light into the room which is great for spring!


Add Coastal Living or Bold Color Art

Swapping out art can also completely change the look of a room. Consider a modern coastal feel with paintings by Perigold or Pottery Barn of sea life, water, beaches or birds. They will look great all summer into early fall when you might swap them out for autumn color or winter gray scenes.

If changing a large piece is too dramatic, consider adding smaller pieces of art simply propped on shelves.  Support individual artists via Etsy. Try this affordable, rustic bicycle floral print by Livlou Designs or the surreal Palm Springs Tigers by Paul Fuentes.


Feather-light blankets

One of the most wintery looking aspects that weigh down the look of a home is a thick blanket. Faux fur, wool and heavy quilts were wonderful during the dark months, but it’s time to go light! Wash and pack up them up.


Consider purchasing stylish organic spring blankets and throws. Coyuchi’s Topanga Organic Matelasse Blanket comes in beautiful soft pastels, rich greens and earthy neutrals. Lightweight, and breathable, they are perfect to cozy up with on a weekend morning in bed or on the sofa.


Dining Room Fresh

Over into your dining table, remove winter/heavy tablecloths. Add a soft, nautical striped runner in neutral blue and white - and top with a big white vase of quality faux or fresh spring flowers. Or, add a pretty floral runner like the watercolor style from Crate & Barrel.

When choosing a runner, check the width of your table and divide it by three to get perfect dimensions. A 20-inch-wide runner would suit a 60-inch table, for example. For length, it’s your choice whether you prefer short or long!

Last, for your bathroom, a hint of spring can be easy with Bed, Bath & Beyond’s spring bird shower door decal. Or, consider adding a colorful waste basket and vase set in hand-painted, matching soft blues like the Avanti Garden line.  Switch your winter-scented soaps to lavender, lemon and coconut!

Bring on, spring!