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How to Have the Ultimate Super Bowl Party in your Apartment


“February 4. Be there: Football. Food. Fun. Fans. And Justin Timberlake.” (If the wings and drinks aren’t enough, who doesn’t love JT, right?) This year, the party is at your place, and it’s going to rock! You will have the ultimate Super Bowl Party in your apartment, and your guests will talk about it for years. Are you wondering how? Let’s see. Where do we start? …


The Ultimate Super Bowl Party in your Apartment


1. Make Way

Move the furniture around to make room, but don’t worry if you don’t have enough spots for everyone to sit. It’s a party, after all! And people don’t sit at parties, at least not at your place. You will want people to walk around and mingle.

Of course, they can’t stand the entire time. It’s a long game. So offer only a few chairs along with blankets, pillows, and bean bags. They can plop them on the floor to take a break from the action.

2. Take Advantage of Several Rooms

The best caterers will tell you this: The best parties have food and drinks in many rooms. Having finger foods displayed neatly, clearly, and cleanly throughout the apartment entices people to walk around to sample the foods and mingle with each other.

By the way, you can have the game playing on additional TVs throughout the apartment. Don’t forget about using your garage and basement as well if you have them.

Also, make sure you have a specific area for items like coats and purses, just so they’re not taking up room elsewhere throughout the apartment.

3. Opt for Finger Foods

Carving into a juicy steak with a fork and knife, mmm mmm, sounds delicious – in a fancy restaurant on date night. But that’s not what this Super Bowl party is. Nope. Not here. Here, you eat with your fingers. Wings, pizza, nachos, cheese sticks, that’s where it is. It’s easy at your place. Paper plates and cups will do just fine, along with lots of paper towels!

4. Are you Ready for Some … Games?

Face it. Many people will look forward to this Sunday not for the game, but for the extras. The halftime show is always a hit, and, as tradition would have it, the commercials are a blast.

The game itself is the best of it all for some people, but not so much for others. But they’re invited too, of course! It’s the ultimate Super Bowl Party in your apartment, after all, where your friends and family are invited to come as they are for a great time!

Have some other options for them, like video games, online games, traditional board games, or another TV where they can watch something other than the Super Bowl. This is especially true if you expect to have children at your party.

5. Bring on the Laughter

Your goal is to make it all fun, so as the host of the party, you have to make sure you genuinely enjoy the party. Laugh, drink, and be merry, and others will do the same.


Adding it All Up …


Can you see it now? The ultimate Super Bowl Party in your apartment? People watching the game, eating, drinking, laughing, and playing in every room? It’s great, isn’t it? Just be courteous toward your neighbors when it comes to noise. And tell them they are more than welcome to come too! Your beautiful apartment doesn’t have to be only the place where you eat and sleep. It’s also the place where you can create the funnest memories!