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How to Organize Your Apartment Closets Like a Pro

7 Smart Ways to Organize Your Apartment Closets

With all that you have collected in your southeast Michigan apartment over the years, organizing can be overwhelming. You also may have a hard time parting with those treasured items that you no longer really use. But with a few tips, you can and will organize your apartment closets like a pro, and you will do it early this year.

1. Do you have a spare bedroom in your apartment? Well not anymore. Rework the entire room into a large closet. Include neat, organized cubbies for any shoes, coats, hats, or scarves that you can’t fit into the coat closet. Use the built-in closet in that spare bedroom for dresses, pants, and shirts, especially those that you don’t use regularly.

If you still need more space, consider investing in a portable closet or purchasing an extender rod. In order to maintain a neat appearance in that spare bedroom, choose cubbies, cabinets, and closets that include doors.

2. Take advantage of hangers made specifically for ties and belts, and hang purses on hangers or hooks inside of closets.

3. As organizing consultant and author Marie Kondo might say, discard or donate everything that does not “spark joy” to you. Your apartment is your oasis, your comfort zone. The items in your home should incite warm feelings of growth and serenity, not negative feelings or memories from the past.

4. Organize by season or for your lifestyle. Include only the most regularly used clothing in your main closet. Use your suitcases to pack away clothing, shoes, or other items you don’t use frequently.

After packing away the off-season clothing, place them in a storage room, basement, or other less commonly used area of your apartment.

5. Buy high-quality, multi-colored hangers. Assign a particular color to a certain type of item, such as blue for pants and red for shirts, ultimately creating an attractive appearance in your closet. When you do so, you can find each item easier and also remain motivated to maintain the fun and tidy look in the closet.

6. Store linens wisely.

As you are organizing your linen closet, tuck sheets inside of the matching pillowcases. You can save space while keeping sheet sets together.

7. Place the shoes that you don’t use as often in clear bins, and place them on a top shelf of the closet. When you use clear bins, you can see what’s inside while keeping the shoes separated. Keep the main closet doors closed to maintain the tidy appearance of the room overall.

Create or buy a boot organizer to store bulky, hard-to-manage footwear. The product may be especially useful in the summer when you don’t need those boots.

And That’s Only the Beginning

Now that you have organized your apartment closets, keep up the momentum and think about other areas of your life that need to be refreshed this year. How about the cabinets and cupboards in your kitchen? Maybe the shelves in an attached garage? And, dare we say, possibly your bills and other documents?

If you rent an apartment with Singh, you’re fortunate to have plenty of storage space. Using it all wisely can help you get your life organized and take some of the stress off your mind.