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Indoor Plants that can Thrive in an Apartment


15 Indoor Plants that can Thrive in an Apartment



One of the best aspects of apartment living is that you can feel free to come and go without worrying about the responsibilities you have at home. Whether your job entails spending days away from home, you love weekend getaways, or you simply live spontaneously in order to enjoy every moment of every day, an apartment may be ideal for you.

When you are home, however, you want to be able to enjoy the aura and decor within your living space. Having indoor plants that can thrive in an apartment can give your home that character you desire without the high maintenance. Studies have also shown that indoor plants may increase oxygen levels, add moisture into the air, purify a home, increase productivity, and improve overall mental and physical health.

Following are 15 popular indoor plants that may give you the best of both worlds while beautifying and cleansing your apartment.


1. Philodendron

Even if you’ve never owned a plant before, philodendrons should be easy to manage. You can keep them inside all year. They prefer bright, indirect sunlight, so your living room might be the perfect place for them.




2. Paddle Plant

A beautiful and strong plant, its thick green leaves are shaped like paddles and often are reddish on the edges depending on the environment and season. Bright light will help bring out its colors, but avoid placing it directly in the sun.




3. Aloe Vera

The top of the plant must be dry before you water it, so apartment residents who have to travel often for work or other requirements can rest assured that the plant will still be perky when they return. As a bonus, you’ll have first-aid treatment for burns on hand.




4. Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo provides the ideal combination of benefits for apartment renters. The plant doesn’t require direct sunlight and actually thrives better in dim light. Because you can set it in a few inches of water, it doesn’t require regular watering; simply change the water about every three weeks. It also adds a modern touch of character to enhance the design of your apartment.





5. Snake Plant

A snake plant grows best indoors. It’s a hardy, decorative plant that is suitable for any level of lighting, and it only requires occasional watering. Because it grows vertically, it’s ideal for smaller rooms, as it won’t take up much space but will add character to the room.




6. Cacti and other succulents

When it comes to indoor plants that can thrive in an apartment, cacti and other succulents are among the best because the stems and leaves naturally hold in water.  The many styles and colors also allow you to choose the ones that will enhance the decorative theme of your home perfectly.




7. Fiddle Leaf Fig

Another plant that grows vertically, it’s ideal for apartments with cathedral ceilings. The deep green leaves will add a pop of color to your apartment. It also requires minimal care. It grows best in medium lighting, so it’s suitable for your living room or dining room. It only needs to be watered when it’s dry.




8. Bonsai Trees

Bonsai trees will probably never go out of style. They’re easy to maintain, exotic in appearance, and give your guests something to talk about.




9. Iron Plant

The aptly named iron plant can withstand just about any type of lighting, watering schedule, and soil. It’s clearly a favorite plant for apartments and other indoor environments.




10. Pancake Plant

The pancake plant features round, large leaves and thrives best in shady spots. Water it once a week, and you should have a beautiful plant in your apartment all year-round.



11. ZZ Plant

ZZ plants are ideal for low lighting, and they seem healthier when they’re drier. You can plant them and forget them, other than watering them occasionally.




12. Pothos

A beautiful, spotted green plant, pothos are among the most popular indoor plants. They can thrive in low lighting and can wait until you’re ready to water them. They’re also known for air purification, which is ideal for an apartment that may be left vacant for several days. You also have the option of planting them in a basket and hanging them from the ceiling to create an overall decorative element to your home.




13. Air Plants

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance plant for your apartment, you’d be hard-pressed to find a plant that requires less attention. This one doesn’t even need soil, and watering it a couple times a month should be enough. Its long, thin, thick leaves and extraordinary growth pattern are also fascinating to see.




14. Calathea

With their red and green leaves, calathea can add color to your home. The plant should not be left in bright light, so it’s perfect for a lesser used room in your apartment. You should keep this plant moist.



15. Phalaenopsis Orchid

If you’re looking for colorful indoor plants that can thrive in an apartment, orchids might be ideal for you. The beautiful purple leaves can add liveliness to your home, and they’re especially ideal for a Michigan apartment. These orchids prefer humid climates, and you only need to water them a few times a month.