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Natural Air Fresheners that are Perfect for Apartment Homes

Natural Air Fresheners that are Perfect for Apartment Homes

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Artificial fresheners can invigorate your home and eliminate odors, but did you know there’s a better way? Store-bought sprays and powders can be harmful to the environment and possibly even irritate your lungs and eyes. Instead, there are many natural air fresheners that are perfect for apartment homes but don’t contain harsh chemicals. 

In many cases, you might have everything you need right in your kitchen pantry or refrigerator.


Easy Ways to Freshen Up an Apartment Home Naturally

Natural ingredients for air fresheners

1. Boil citrus peels and cinnamon sticks.

Instead of throwing away the orange or lemon peels, toss them into a pot with some water. Bring the water to a boil and then let it simmer to release the scents into the air. You can also opt for cinnamon sticks, or, better yet, boil both for a clean, comforting scent in your apartment.


2. Vinegar works like magic.

Is there anything vinegar can’t do? Use it in your everyday cleaning to kill bacteria and give the home a clean scent. You can also mix vinegar and water and spray it into the air as an air freshener. In fact, simply placing a bowl of vinegar in the kitchen may be all you need to do to remove unpleasant odors.


3. Make potpourri from scratch.

The best part of potpourri is that it can add color to your apartment home along with the fresh scent.


To make potpourri, start with choosing colorful flowers. Separate the petals, and scatter them onto a cookie sheet in one layer. Add drops of your preferred essential oils. You may also add orange peels or herbs to create a prettier mix. Bake for two hours until all the ingredients are completely dry. Take the sheet out and allow the mix to cool. Afterward, add a few more drops of essential oil, as well as orris root powder that can help maintain the scent for a few weeks. (Read more detailed directions on 

Place the prepared potpourri in sachets that you can then hide away in your linen closets and drawers. You may also use the potpourri loosely in vases or other containers as a home decor element.


4. Tuck baking soda air freshener jars throughout your apartment home.

Place a few holes in the cap of a Mason jar. Add a 1/2 cup of baking soda and about 5 drops of essential oil. Cap it, and place it anywhere in your apartment. (Hint: Stop by the craft store to pick up supplies that can help you beautify the jars if they’re going to be visible.)


5. Make your own carpet cleaner.

Mix Borax, baking soda, and essential spices in a bowl, and shake the powder over the carpet. Leave it on for about 15 minutes, and then vacuum. Test a small area of the carpet first to be sure that the powder you create doesn’t leave a stain. (Read more detailed directions on the One Good Thing by Jillee website.)


6. Use a diffuser.

Add essential oils into a diffuser to not only add a fresh scent, but also moisture in the air. Essential oils also add a soothing, Feng Shui feel to an apartment home.


Additional Essential Oil Recipes and Ideas

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Essential oils can be used in multiple ways to freshen up the air in your apartment and beautify the decor. Here are a few more ideas.


● Collect pine cones that you find outdoors, and then add a few drops of scented oil on each one. Place them in a basket anywhere in your home for a mild fresh scent.

● Dab both ends of a few Q-tips into your favorite essential oil, and tuck them away in secret hiding places in your bathroom, bedroom, and closets. You may wish to place them on a petri dish to avoid staining any surfaces.

● You can experiment with essential oil recipes for your diffuser by mixing your own concoctions. There are an endless number of possibilities. This time of the year, for example, you may want your home to smell like the fall season. A combination of 3 drops of wild orange, 2 drops of cinnamon bark, and one drop of clove essential oils for your diffuser will create the scent you’re looking for. 

● To eliminate pet odors, mix two drops of lemon essential oil and one drop each of melaleuca, cilantro, and lime essential oils. Use the solution in your diffuser.

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