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Quiet Fitness: Trendy Exercises You Can Do in Your Apartment


Thanks to recent trends in fitness, you can exercise in your apartment without hurting your joints and muscles. Better yet, you can do many of them without disturbing your neighbors or your roommates. Let’s take a look at some of the trendy exercises you can do in your apartment, many of which offer mental health benefits as well.

Trendy Exercises You Can Do in Your Apartment

1. Yoga

A combination of breathing techniques, meditation, and specific poses results in a stress-relieving and energizing form of exercise. The ancient exercises can be challenging and help you build stability, endurance, and flexibility while working off calories and calming your mind. (See basic Yoga poses here.)

2. Pilates

Pilates is similar to Yoga, in that they both involve mindfulness, endurance, and strength training. Generally, the difference is that Yoga focus on flexibility for all parts of your body, while Pilates is more about strengthening your core. (Watch a beginner’s Pilates video here.)

3. Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a martial art that today may be more well known as a form of exercise than self-defense training. It’s about the total integration of the body and mind, or the inner and outer self. There are many different forms of Tai Chi, including Yang Style Tai Chi and Chen Style Tai Chi

4. Qigong

Similar to Tai Chi, Qigong implements healing techniques into smooth and effective movements. Like Tai Chi, many different forms of Qigong exist. It works by combining posture, breathing techniques, sound, self-massage, and mindfulness into the movements. (Watch a basic Qigong video here.)

5. Low-Impact Cardio

Basic, low-impact cardio exercises are still one of the most effective ways to stay fit. Low-impact cardio means that one of your feet stays on the ground at all times, so jumping isn’t generally involved. Exercises you can do right in your apartment include such things as leg lifts, chest presses, lunges, planks, and light arm exercises using dumbbells. It also includes exercises such as swimming and bicycling. (Watch a video that features examples of the many different types of low-impact movements you can incorporate into your workout.)

6. Strength Training

Building muscle tone and strength doesn’t have to require frequent trips to the gym. The gym equipment is there to help you, but really your own body is what should do the work. Strength training exercises include such things as traditional squats, pushups, and lunges. Resistance bands, exercise balls, and hand weights can enhance your workout. (Watch this strength training video for beginners.

Strength in Numbers

Although there are several trendy exercises you can do in your apartment, many people prefer to work out with others. If you believe there’s inspiration in numbers and you rent an apartment, remember that many of our Singh apartment communities feature convenient fitness centers and pools. Both can provide you with plenty of fitness opportunities that you may find exciting and rejuvenating, whether you do them alone or with friends.