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What Apartment Residents Should do to Prepare for a Wintertime Vacation


Sun, beach, sand, refreshing cocktails, the works. Getting away from the cold Michigan weather for a few days or even a few weeks sounds wonderful. The better you prepare for a wintertime vacation, the more you can leave all the stress behind. If you live in an apartment, there are a few things you should do before you take off.


Renter's Insurance

Make sure you have renter's insurance and that it is up to date.  Singh Apartments require renter's insurance, but some other property owners do not. If you don't have renter's insurance, make sure you get it before you leave.


Adjust the Thermostat

Do not turn your furnace off completely, as the pipes could freeze and burst if you do so. Set the thermostat to between 55 and 65 degrees in order to prevent this and save a little on energy costs.


Make Arrangements with Management

One of the most important things to do to prepare for a wintertime vacation or any long trip is to tell a manager of your apartment community that you will be away. The staff can help ensure the safety of your home and also address any urgent maintenance matters that may occur.

You also should review the pre-vacation procedures section of your lease, and let your landlord know how to contact you while you are gone.


Safeguard Your Vehicle

If you plan to leave your car home during your vacation, be sure to remove valuables from your car and lock it. As you are informing apartment management that you will be out of town, ask if there is an ideal space to park your car that is hidden from view and also does not take up space that other residents would want to use.

If you live in an apartment with an attached garage and plan to leave your car in it, you should still remove the valuables from the car. Make sure the door from the garage to your apartment is locked.


Unplug Items Around the Apartment

Unplug small appliances that do not need to be used on a regular basis, such as your coffee dispenser, toaster, and hair dryer. Doing so is a small way to help prevent fires and save on energy costs.

Do not unplug the refrigerator, even if it is empty. Unplugging a refrigerator may result in unpleasant odors.


Hold the Mail

Place a hold on your mail, and ask an apartment manager or trusted neighbor to pick up any packages or fliers. A full mailbox and deliveries on your doorstep are signs that you might not be home. 


Clean Up and Organize

Do your dishes and clean up your apartment in general. Knowing that you don't have to come back to a mess will be a tremendous stress reliever.

Hide your valuables from plain view, and if you own pets, make arrangements for their care while you're gone.


Money Matters

Pay any bills that will be due during the time you're away or are due shortly after you return.

To avoid the appearance of fraudulent activity on your credit card, inform your credit card company that you will be using your card in locations that you normally do not. So you can go ahead and buy as many margaritas as you want in peace.


Watch your Words

Do not, at all costs, advertise your trip on your social media pages. You can brag about it all you want when you return.