FAQs at Singh Apartments


Who do I call if something breaks?

Rest assured that if you need anything during your stay, Singh will be there for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can always call or stop by the clubhouse during office hours, and if there is an after-hours emergency, please contact our emergency phone number. Our on-site maintenance technicians will respond to resolve your situation. The detailed procedures are included in your welcome packet and lease.

What makes you different and why should we choose you?

Singh provides a true Class A apartment home throughout the state of Michigan by putting our residents first. Our apartment and community amenities are superior to the competition, and because we own and operate all our own property, our focus is on the customer without the hassle of third-party providers.

Can I bring my pet?

Absolutely. Pets are part of the family. Each property may have its own restrictions in addition to the standard Singh guidelines. Please be sure to mention your pets during your initial contact, and we will be sure to accommodate your needs.

I am planning to be in the United States for one to three years on a temporary work visa. Can I stay with you during this time?

Welcome, Willkommen, Bienvenidos, Huan Ying, God Dag, Benvenuto, Dia Is Muire Orisate, Zyezenia: these are just some of the “welcomes” that we have provided residents under this scenario. We can handle your long-term, global relocation needs. Many of our employees are bilingual and can provide translation services and introductions to the community.

I know a few people who need apartments. Do you offer a referral fee?

We do. Whether you are living in a Singh apartment, are a real estate broker, or simply pass a Singh apartment community on your way to work in the morning, we have a referral program that pays you to refer new residents to us. Please contact us for more information.

I am working with a limited budget for my furnished apartment. Can I still stay with you?

Certainly. We can create a custom furniture package, select a smaller apartment, reduce some services, select a different community, etc. We are always running special rates on select units. We value your business and will do what we can to ensure you stay with us.

Why is the lease contract so long?

Our lease is comprehensive because we want to ensure all parties are adequately informed and protected under the contract. We encourage all our clients to thoroughly read their lease and consult legal counsel if there are any areas of concern.

Am I allowed to have guests stay at the apartment?

Of course. Guest suites are also available for three to 30 days at many of our communities, as an additional amenity to our clients. 

How do I provide notice that I am leaving the apartment?

Please submit the move-out notice form that was included in your welcome packet. Please provide a 30-day notice before moving out. Please note: your move-out date and lease do not serve as your notice. A detailed explanation of the notice process is listed in your lease.

When is my security deposit returned?

We typically return security deposits within 30 days after you have moved out. A detailed explanation of the security deposit refund is listed in your lease.